Video: Hunt for stars of 1960s Leeds school film

Pupils took a trip back in time after being sent a film about their school from the 1960s.

Grandad Colin Cowles, of Somerset, was clearing out his collection of old reels when he found the footage of the former Swarcliffe Junior School and decided to return it to the new generation of students there.

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Now children at Swarcliffe Primary School are trying to track down the former pupils who appear in the 10-minute movie – who will be in their 50s and could even be grandparents by now.

They are planning to screen the film for the community to see if they can trace its stars.

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Head teacher Sue Sanderson said: "Some people think their grandparents may have been in it.

"It's fascinating the faces you recognise. You can see very strong Seacroft and Swarcliffe family faces."

Although they have a DVD version of the film, Mrs Sanderson said they were keen to watch the original, so they are urging anyone with a film projector to get in touch.

She said pupils were "spellbound" when they watched Swarcliffe Junior School Presents Our Daily Bread, thought to have been made by Oxfam for the charity's 21st anniversary.

Unusually for the time, it is in colour, and features pupils preparing a stand for the Leeds Freedom From Hunger Exhibition at the University of Leeds.

The mini documentary, thought to have been made around 1963, shows youngsters in their classrooms, as well as acting, singing, holding a tea party for elderly residents and being presented with awards.

The school has old handwritten registers from the 1960s, so as soon as they have a few suggested names, Mrs Sanderson is confident they will be able to work out exactly who was in the film.

Mr Cowles, 70, had collected films since he was nine.

He said: "If I find out it's about something that might still exist I'm donating them back to where they may have come from. It's a bit of living history."

Parents are invited to a screening at the school on Friday and anyone else interested can attend an open day and tea party on April 1, from 2pm to 6pm.

Anyone who went to Swarcliffe Junior School in the 1960s, or who has an old film projector should ring 0113 293 0275 or email