Video: Hedgehog that will never grow bigger than an apple

THIS cute hedgehog has a rare condition which means it stopped growing - and will remain tiny all its adult life.

Thursday, 10th September 2015, 11:00 am
Thumbelina the hedgehog at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. Picture: SWNS

‘Thumbelina’ was rescued in Whitby along with her family - but cannot be released back in to the wild because of her size.

She weighs just 130g and is less than three inches tall and three inches in length - easily fitting into the palm of a hand.

Her tiny size is down to a very rare condition known as “failure to thrive” which means no matter how much she eats she will never grow to the size of an adult.

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Thuumbelina is being cared for at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alex Farmer with Thumbelina the hedgehog, at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. Picture: SWNS