VIDEO: General Election count underway in Leeds as candidates prepare for night of tight margins

Leeds Town Hall, where counting for the 2017 General Election is now underway.
Leeds Town Hall, where counting for the 2017 General Election is now underway.
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Ballot boxes have arrived at Leeds Town Hall and the counting is underway to find out the result of Leeds' eight constituencies in the General Election.

Polling stations in Leeds and across the country closed their doors at 10pm this evening after residents poured into the sports halls, churches and community centres to have their say.

Now the counting has begun and the first results of this year's snap election are due in the early hours of the morning.

Split across two venues - Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Civic Hall - candidates, journalists and council officials are scattered on terraces overlooking the floors where votes are counted.

At the town hall, where security has been tightened following the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, the first ballot boxes arrived at around 10.20pm.

Counters are now beavering away, sifting through hundreds of voting cards to tot up the candidates' results.


One of the tightest results in Leeds is expected to be for the Leeds North West constituency.

The seat has been held by Lib Dem Greg Mulholland since 2005 but he faced stiff competition in 2015 from Labour's candidate Alex Sobel.

Mulholland won 15,948 votes compared to the Labour candidate's 13,041 in 2015 but there has since been a surge in the number of people now eligible to vote in the constituency of around 6,000.

Leeds' Morley and Outwood constituency is also braced for a night of fine margins.

The seat was controversially lost by Labour's Ed Balls in 2015 to Tory newcomer Andrea Jenkyns by just a few hundred votes.

And tonight, Labour and Co-operative candidate Neil Dawson is hoping he can swing the majority back in his party's favour when the results are announced.

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