VIDEO: Firefighter attacked with fireworks in Leeds

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This shocking video shows the moment thugs threw a volley of fireworks at a firefighter as he dealt with an outdoor blaze in Leeds.

The footage shows a solitary fireman getting out of a fire engine to put out a mattress that is alight in a street in Chapeltown, only to be targeted in a series of explosions.

Taken during last year’s bonfire period from a so-called ‘silent witness camera’ attached to the fire engine, the video has been released to show the potential dangers fire crews face at their busiest time of year.

Lisa Toner, West Yorkshire Fire Service’s fire prevention manager for Leeds, said: “Unfortunately, every year our crews deal with the reality of some individuals not taking

Bonfire Night and fireworks seriously.

“Attacks on firefighters – like the one captured by a silent witness camera in the Chapeltown area of Leeds last November – are totally unacceptable.

“Not only are these actions incredibly dangerous and reckless, they also distract us from our main role of keeping the public safe and protecting them in emergencies.

“We would like to remind the public that we do have silent witness cameras on all our fire engines and work closely alongside police to hold those responsible to account.”

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