Video: Dad who lost son makes anti-drink and drive plea

A FATHER who lost his son in a drink driving collision is urging people to reconsider before they get behind the wheel after a drink.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police are out in force to target those who drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

Tony Davison, from Otley, lost his son when he was involved in a collision caused by drink driving.

Tony - who now volunteers for road charity BRAKE - said: "I was woken up at 3.40am by the Police knocking at my door. Your head's computing what they're telling you but it doesn't feel real. You think you're in a nightmare and are just waiting to wake up. I wouldn't wish it on anybody else - that knock on the door - that death notice being delivered.

His son Adrian was killed in November, 2002. He was 18 years old and the passenger in a car. His best friend was driving and had been drinking. Both of them died in the collision.

Tony added: "It was a tragic and unnecessary waste of two young lives. There isn't a day that hasn't gone by that I don't miss him. I actually spoke to Adrian at 11.45pm on 3rd November - the accident happened at 12.03am on 4th November

"My message to anyone who thinks that drink or drug driving is worth the risk is simple - it's not. If you kill someone you live with it for the rest of your life. You can't calculate a safe drink limit. It's just not worth taking the risk for a couple of pints.

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