VIDEO: Criminal abandons moving car in 'monstrous' police chase through Leeds

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THIS is the moment a criminal abandons his moving car and runs from police at the end of a dangerous chase through south Leeds.

Daimon Hick was locked up over the "monstrous" piece of driving in which he came close to a collision with two pedestrians as he went through a red lights.

The driver jumped out of the car while it was still moving

The driver jumped out of the car while it was still moving

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Hick also put the lives of other road users in danger by driving in the opposite lane of a dual carriageway and mounting grass verges and pavements.

The 26-year-old was locked up for 14 months over the incident which happened on March 6 this year.

Police began following Hick on the Ring Road, near to the White Rose Centre, as they became concerned about his driving.

The police chase through Leeds

The police chase through Leeds

Leeds Crown Court was shown police camera footage of Hick driving along Dewsbury Road before turning left onto Old Lane.

Vehicles had to take evasive action as Hick drove on the wrong side of the road.

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Hick reached 80mph in a 30mph area and went through a red light at a pedestrian crossing.

The car reached speeds of 80mph in a 30mph zone

The car reached speeds of 80mph in a 30mph zone

Two pedestrians, one with a walking stick, had to step out of the way of Hick's Vauxhall Astra.

Hick, 26, put more drivers in danger as he drove the wrong way on a roundabout onto Town Street.

Hick, who had a female passenger, headed back onto the Ring Road, where he drove in the opposite carriageway before crossing a central reservation.

Police managed to keep up with Hick's vehicle as he turned left onto Churwell Hill.

Hick abandoned the vehicle on a grass banking and ran off into a housing estate pursued by officers.

He was found in possession of cannabis when he was arrested.

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Hick, of Dulverton Place, Cottingley, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, possession of cannabis, driving without insurance and driving without a licence

He was previous convictions for vehicle offences

Jailing Hick, Recorder Simon Eckersley said: "You drove once again in a breathtakingly disgraceful fashion.

"This was a monstrous piece of driving."

Hick was also banned from driving for three years, seven months.