‘Vet job hunters on Google’ – warning from firms who employed £27,000 Leeds fraudster

Richard Adamson.
Richard Adamson.
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Bosses of two firms that were fleeced out of a total of £27,000 by the same employee have urged others to carry out rigorous checks on job candidates.

Richard Adamson, 35, splashed cash on strippers and flash clothes after stealing from Pudsey-based Shop 52, which sells promotional materials, and lettings agent Octopus Residential in Chapeltown.

Both companies employed him after seeing his profile on legitimate recruitment websites. They later discovered he had already served time in prison for defrauding four solicitors’ firms.

As reported yesterday, Adamson, 35, was jailed for 38 months for his latest offences.

Now his victims have spoken out to warn others to take all possible precautions.

Phill Knowles, of Octopus, said: “He had a veneer of respectability because he went through an agency, but he was stealing from us from day one.

“My advice would be to look applicants up online, do additional background checks, maybe even have a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check carried out.

“We’ve modified our procedures. It’s made us less trusting.”

Michael Ainsworth, of Shop 52, said: “We were naive, but we’ve changed our procedures now. For a start, we google everyone.”

Adamson, of Town Street, Armley, got accounting jobs for both companies after providing references and fake details on his CV.

He falsely claimed his wife had died and he was bringing up his daughter on his own. He also lied about needing time off because of the death of his mother.

It was only when his behaviour became erratic that his employers became suspicious.

Mr Ainsworth said: “We just never thought anyone would make up the things he was telling us. It won’t happen again – we’ve had our fingers burned.”

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