Valentine’s Day video: Is Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb an ‘aphrodisiac’?

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Move aside red roses, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is this year’s Valentine’s Day treat with the plant - apparently known for its aphrodisiac qualities - becoming a hit with the best London restaurants.

Renowned rhubarb grower E Oldroyd and Sons, based in the heart of Yorkshire’s famous rhubarb triangle, in Carlton, near Wakefield, have been busy picking the plant to transport south.



Forced rhubarb, which is sweeter than the outdoor variety, has to be carefully grown without letting light in so picking is done by candle light.

Company director Janet Oldroyd-Hume said: “We’ve been harvesting rhubarb for shipment to London for Valentine’s Day for some of the big London restaurants. Rhubarb is on a lot of restaurant menus now and it goes with the red theme for Valentine’s Day.”

According to some studies, red rhubarb stalks are said to have been used as a romantic stimulant since the Chinese first cultivated the plant in 2700 BC.

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