‘Unnecessary’ road signs to be removed in Wakefield

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Dozens of “unnecessary” signs could be removed from the roads of Wakefield under new government rules designed to de-clutter the nation’s streets.

Signs indicating a new road layout will now have ‘remove by’ dates, enabling residents to hold the council to account if the signs are not taken down when no longer needed.

Temporary signage is installed by local authorities when a new road layout is created.

The signs are meant to be taken down within three months, but some are left up for years.

Neil Rodgers, Wakefield Council’s service director for planning, transportation and highways, said: “We are aware of the new legislation and plan to start assessing the locations of any out-of-date signs so that these can be removed at some point.

“However, it does cost money and can be a low priority in comparison to other highway maintenance.

“We will make sure that the new rules are followed when any new temporary signage is put up in the future.

“We hope this will help to de-clutter the roads and help stop any confusion.”