Underwear left in Leeds garden by burglar

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court

A BURGLAR who ransacked a woman’s home and left her underwear in the garden outside her property has been jailed for 20 months.

Leeds Crown Court heard Gareth Hodgson targeted the victim’s home after she left for work on September 19 this year.

Richard Walters, prosecuting, said the women returned in the evening to discover a door had been forced and property and clothing had been thrown across floors in different rooms of the house.

Mr Walters said two televisions, worth around £800, and jewellery had been stolen.

The prosecutor said an item of the victim’s underwear had also been placed over a lamp in front of the house.

Hodgson, 28, of Parkwood Crescent, Beeston, was arrested after blood was found on a fridge inside the house which led to him being identified as a suspect.

Hodgson pleaded guilty to burglary. He has previous convictions for burglary, aggravated vehicle-taking, assault and handling stolen goods.

Stephen Welford, mitigating, said Hodgson was sorry for what he had done and had pleaded guilty to the offence at an early stage.

Mr Welford said Hodgson accepted that he had to go to prison and hoped it gave some comfort to the victim that he would be in custody.

The court heard the victim now feels unsafe in her own home and sleeps downstairs in the property through fear of being targeted again.

Judge Christopher Batty told Hodgson: “Not only has her house been invaded, but her clothing, her private possessions and even her underwear.

“That, I am afraid, is totally unacceptable. She now sleeps downstairs with the light on.

“People are entitled to feel safe in their own home.”