Un-bear-lievable! Meet Yorkshire’s answer to Paddington

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This Very Important Bear is Yorkshire’s answer to Paddington.

When little Woody Cranmer left his treasured teddy Pooh in Buenos Aires the eight-month-old thought he would never be reunited with his lovable companion.

April Clements from British Airways with Scott and Coral Cranmer and their son Woody.

April Clements from British Airways with Scott and Coral Cranmer and their son Woody.

Pooh has been part of the Wakefield family’s lives for over 30 years with the bear originally belonging to Woody’s dad Scott.

Once they realised he had gone missing during their trip to the Argentinian capital last month the distraught family took to social media to try and find him.

Within days the missing bear had been found by the British Airways Buenos Aires team and given a temporary home at the airport.

And now Mr P Bear - who has been given his very own gold executive club card - has flown back home and landed at Leeds Bradford Airport to be reunited with his family.

Scott said: “I know to some people it’s only a silly teddy, but Pooh has been part of my life for the last 30 years.

“When Woody was born, it was a huge thing to pass Pooh into Woody’s care. We were so worried when we lost Pooh, while we were visiting Woody’s grandfather in Buenos Aires.

“We were eternally grateful to British Airways for finding him and returning him to my little boy.

“They go everywhere together and they’re inseparable when it comes time to go to bed.”

Each stage of Pooh’s journey has been photographed and turned into a special book for Woody.

Scott added: “He has had a great adventure and we’re so happy he’s finally landed back home. We’ll have a great book to show Woody when he’s older.

“I’d just like to thank everyone for their help in getting him home. Everyone has been superb.”