UK's first virtual reality escape game is coming to Leeds.

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Tick Tock Unlock will bring the next generation of immersive escape game technology to Trinity Leeds.

The shopping centre will be home to Hyper Reality Experience, a multi-player entertainment attraction.

The venture has been described by its creator Ali Khan as a cross between a video game, virtual reality, a theatrical production and the real world, and there will be eventually be six sites in four cities.

“The centres will allow players to experience a free-roaming, live action challenge which has to be physically completed but which takes place in the playground of a virtual world," said Mr Khan.

“This will be the first real taste of virtual reality for the British public in a gaming and live action environment and I am confident that Hyper Reality Experience will prove to be a leader and pioneer in virtual reality entertainment."

Players wear virtual reality headsets and interact with objects which become animated. They will even experience sensations such as heat and draughts.

The games are aimed at groups of friends to play together, and Tick Tock Unlock has based itself in Leeds ahead of further launches around the country.

The Trinity Leeds centre will open on April 22 and sessions start at £15 per person. Eight players can participate at any one time, and they have 15 minutes to complete their mission. It will be open seven days a week.

The company has deliberately designed its Trinity Leeds centre to work within the retail environment, but hopes to open future sites in out-of-town shopping centres and even theme parks.

The plans have excited Leeds BID chief executive Andrew Cooper:-

“We are delighted that Tick Tock Unlock’s new Hyper Reality Experience centre is launching on the first day of the Leeds International Festival, showcasing the city’s strength in leading the way in tech development.

“As a first for the UK, this will be an exciting and innovative attraction which LeedsBID is supporting by helping promote to local and national audiences as part of the city centre’s diverse entertainment offer.”