U-turn over Leeds pub name change

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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Campaigners are rejoicing after a U-turn by pub bosses in their decision to change the name of a historic watering hole in Leeds.

Horrified members of the Far Headingley Society swung into action when new owners of the 200-year-old Three Horsehoes pub changed its name to the Industrialist.

To sweep away almost 200 years of history in one day with such a nonsense name...

Over 1,400 people signed a petition to retain the name as the campaign gathered pace before pub company Spirit Leased announced it would retain the old name.

Managing director Chris Welham said: “We received a lot of feedback and understand the sentiment about the new name. We’ve taken this on board and realise our decision to rename the pub was the wrong one. We will be changing the name back to the Three Horseshoes.”

Jason Cullen, creator Leeds Back in the Day website, which backed the campaign, welcomed the decision.

He said: “The campaign was just and needed. To sweep away almost 200 years of history in one day with such a nonsense name and without any warning was absolutely ridiculous.

“Everyone knows the pub as The Three Horse Shoes and will always call it this. I was not surprised by the responses we had. Followers of Leeds Back In The Day are passionate about our city and will always voice an opinion on matters like this. The amount of people who spoke out however has to be admired.

“This clearly struck a chord with many many residents locally and those who have attachments to the area.”

He added: “The speed at which the pub have responded is encouraging and admitting they were wrong is admirable.”

Spirit Leased said new signs were going to be installed at the recently-refurbished pub as soon as possible depicting the original name.