Tykes' worries list includes wrinkles and lack of cash

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HOMEOWNERS in Yorkshire and the Humber spend a lifetime worrying, a new survey reveals.

The cost of living followed by having no money and possibly upsetting someone are the main regional worries, according to a study of 3,000 people by npower.

The questionnaire showed that around 18 per cent in Yorkshire and the Humber worried their boiler will break down this winter leaving them without heating or hot water, while one in four are concerned about skidding on the ice and 19 per cent are still trying to decide what to buy people for Christmas.

Overall 40 per cent of those questioned worried about their personal health, closely followed by spending too much money at the shops and being fat.

Richard Cotton, head of sales for npower hometeam, said: "Our survey shows that homeowners in Yorkshire and the Humber have a lot on their mind at the moment, but that they're also more worried about things like wrinkles and keeping the house clean than how happy our children are or whether we've gone overdrawn."


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