Two injured in 'freak accident' at Wakefield Car Show

Photo: Wakefield Central NPT
Photo: Wakefield Central NPT

TWO people were taken to hospital after a "freak accident"  involving two classic cars during a show in Wakefield.

The incident happened at the 2017 Wakefield Car Show, in West Yorkshire on Sunday. (April 30)

Photo: Wakefield Central NPT

Photo: Wakefield Central NPT

It is not thought any of the injuries were serious.

Wakefield Police said on Facebook: “Central officers and paramedics were called to Westmorland Street this afternoon after reports of a road traffic collision.

“It occurred at the 2017 Wakefield car show.

“In a freak accident, it appears that one classic car lurched forward at speed, pushing another car backwards into members of the public.

“Two people were taken to hospital, but thankfully there appears to be no serious injuries.”

A message on the Wakefield Car Show’s Facebook page said: “Great show today, all fantastic cars and thousands of people in the city centre spending money back in our city. Minor incident at the end which was unfortunate but the people concerned are fine.”

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