Tumour charity role for Leeds student

Nicola Wood.
Nicola Wood.
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A Leeds student who was diagnosed with a brain tumour as a teenager is raising awareness of the condition by becoming a charity ambassador.

Nicola Wood, 20, from Hyde Park, was diagnosed with the inoperable suprasellar tumour in May 2012 after she suffered with delayed growth for six years.

She has now become one of 22 young ambassadors for The Brain Tumour Charity to try and offer support to others her age going through a similar situation, as well as raise awareness around brain tumours.

Miss Wood, a first year Biochemistry student at Leeds University, said: “My family are all tall so my mum was concerned that I was so much smaller than everyone else. We went to see the GP who referred us on for an MRI scan immediately.”

The scan revealed a suprasellar tumour pressing on the pituitary gland. She added: “When we were called in for the results I had no inclination that anything was wrong, I was more concerned that I was missing school. Even when the doctor told us the news I didn’t comprehend the enormity of what he said. It was only when I looked at Mum and Dad who were both clearly upset but trying to keep it together that I knew something was very wrong.”

The location of Nicola’s tumour means that it is inoperable, but she is treated for her symptoms and is currently undergoing endocrine treatment and has scans every two years to monitor the tumour growth.

Emma Wood, teenage and young adult worker for the charity, said: “Nicola’s positive outlook and determination to help others following her own diagnosis is an inspiration to all of us at The Brain Tumour Charity. Nicola’s support will make a real difference to our work in raising awareness of brain tumours.”

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