Tropical temperatures are perfect for insects

A swallowtail butterfly in Tropical World. PIC: Mark Bickerdike
A swallowtail butterfly in Tropical World. PIC: Mark Bickerdike
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Beautiful butterflies may be the only creatures who aren’t in a flap about the sweltering summer temperatures we’ve seen.

Tropical World in Leeds has seen a butterfly boom as the impressive insects have been basking in temperatures of almost 45 degrees.

The scorching conditions at the tourist attraction in Roundhay are actually good for the butterflies, who become more active in warmer conditions, meaning now is the best time to visit the tourist attraction in north Leeds.

It seems the tropical temperatures haven’t gone down well with everyone, though.

Yorkshire Water’s 5million customers who have been putting up with temperatures of around 27 degrees have been attempting to cool down by quenching their thirst on 1.42billion litres of water.

The figure, recorded on Thursday, is a record high for the year so far.

Since the hot spell began, residents have been guzzling down around 100million more litres a day than usual.

The additional water is enough to fill 40 Olympic swimming pools every day.

While groundwater, rivers and reservoirs are all healthy for this time of year, the recent increase in demand has led to the company increasing output from its 63 water treatment works.

Matt Thompson at Yorkshire Water said: “We know that there’s a spike in demand whenever temperatures rise and we’re certainly seeing that at the moment, so our water treatment works are being cranked up a notch to produce more than usual.

“This weekend we’re expecting water consumption on the coast to rocket as people flock to places like Scarborough and Bridlington.”

He added: “With all the warm weather we’re seeing, we’re taking the opportunity to remind customers to be water-wise and only use what they need.”

Meanwhile the Yorkshire Ambulance Service is warning locals to take extra care in and around open water after a recent spate of tragic incidents across the country.

Paul Mudd, acting director of operations, said: “The county’s many waterways are popular destinations for people during the summer months, which can make them dangerous places for those who take risks.

“It may be very appealing to jump into the water to cool off but people need to be aware of how dangerous it really is.

“Several lives have already been lost this year across the UK and we don’t want to see anyone else hurt.

“The message is simple – enjoy the summer, stay out of open water and stay safe!”

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