Triple trouble for the accident-prone Leeds pooch

Three-year-old Bob, with owner Sandy Sharp.
Three-year-old Bob, with owner Sandy Sharp.
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They say that bad things happen in threes.

But accident-prone Bob’s anxious owner is hoping to see the New Year in without a single scratch.

The mischievous pooch was lucky to even see in the festive season at all after he woofed down three rolls of ribbon and needed life-saving surgery.

It was the latest incident in the trouble-plagued life of the impish hound.

Jack Russell Terrier Bob, who only has three legs following a previous serious mishap, was adopted by his loving owner Sandy Sharp, 45, from Horsforth, Leeds.

The curious canine’s latest calamity unfolded after he spent the day at his owner’s sister’s house.

Sandy said: “I suddenly realised I hadn’t seen him in a while so I went to see what he was up to.

“I found him hiding under a bed upstairs surrounded by the remains of a box of Christmas ribbon.”

Bob was swiftly rushed to Bradford’s PDSA PetAid Hospital and a series of x-rays showed that there was a foreign object in his tummy.

To the surgical team’s surprise they discovered three rolls of colourful ribbon in Bob’s stomach.

Veterinary nurse Miriam Wilson, who looked after Bob, said: “If left inside the stomach, a foreign body can cause all sorts of problems, especially if food can’t pass through properly, leading to a potentially deadly obstruction.

“It was important that we removed whenever was in there as soon as we could to prevent serious long term problems.

”The operation went very smoothly, we found huge amounts of red, gold and green Christmas ribbon, which could have blocked his stomach if it had been left there, so it was such a relief that we were able to remove it.”

Following the operation Bob spent a day recovering on the wards before he was allowed to go back home.

Sandy added: “It was such a relief when they called me a few hours later to tell me the surgery had been a success.

“I was shocked when they explained how much ribbon they’d removed.”

“Bob is very lively and accident prone, but I’m keeping a close eye on him now to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

PIC: Simon Hulme

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