Trinity Leeds welcomes two tonnes of art sculpture

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Towering almost 50 feet high inside the Trinity Leeds scheme stands the centre’s newest sculpture – weighing almost two tonnes.

‘Equus Altus’, meaning ‘high horse’, by artist Andy Scott was installed in the centre’s main atrium last week as the finishing touches are being made to the £350m development.



Brought to the centre in five separate pieces, it was then installed by a team of five workmen in just one day.

Andy told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “My thoughts behind it were about the history of Leeds and the wool and textile industries and how horses were used as the HGV at the time.

“I like its elevation above the hubbub of the shops and the people. I enjoy working on equine themes and all in all it took about 10 months to make.”

A second sculpture by the Scottish artist was installed on Briggate on Friday morning.

‘Minerva’ is a gift to the city and stands five metres tall.

Andy added: “Installing the pieces has gone like clockwork and the crane teams and everyone has worked together.

“The people here in Leeds are great and I really hope they appreciate my effort.

“It has been really hard work but I hope people like it.”

The two pieces were commissioned as part of Trinity Leeds’ £500,000 art programme, which aims bring a wide range of permanent and temporary artwork to the centre.

Trinity Leeds’s art facilitator and artist, Antonia Stowe, said: “Working with artists like Andy and commissioning two of his unique and striking sculptures to be a part of the development has been a real privilege and immensely exciting.

“Not only do they both hold significant meaning to Trinity Leeds and the city itself, they are also fantastic examples of eye-catching, stand-out artwork.”

Work by 17 other regional designers will be installed at the site, ranging from intricate gate designs to seating.

Trinity Leeds will open on Thursday, March 21.