Trevor Nabarro: Memorial for Leeds estate agent

Colourful Leeds estate agent Trevor Nabarro, who died aged 67 in 2002, is one of eight people whose names have been commemorated in a garden of remembrance in Donisthorpe Hall.

The garden is the idea of Donisthorpe's chairman Geoff Caplan and his wife Gill, Mr Nabarro's sister.

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"We have spoken quite often about how we would like to leave some sort of memorial to our late parents and brothers who unfortunately have gone before us," said Mr Caplan.

"So we have created this special garden that will perpetuate the names of these wonderful people."

Mr Nabarro, who moved his office from the city centre to Moortown in 1988, specialised in the top end of the housing market.

He helped some of Leeds's most famous men and women find their dream home and was a friend to many of them.

Born in Portsmouth, he came to medical school in Leeds in the early 1950s to train as a doctor, but did not finish the course.

A brilliant musician who played saxophone, clarinet and vibraphone, the flamboyant Mr Nabarro started his own band.

The garden has two gazebos and a number of benches set in an idyllic backdrop of woodland, plants and flowers.

"It is a lovely tranquil and peaceful setting that will give great pleasure to our residents and visitors as well as remembering our loved ones," said Mr Caplan.

Present were members of both families including Mr Nabarro's second wife Norma, his sons Simon and Toby and daughter Danielle.

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