Travellers who arrived on Leeds city centre ground moved after previous 'toleration agreement' was ended

A group of travellers on the site off Globe Road today (Friday)

A group of travellers who have arrived on disused ground in Leeds city centre are on private land, Leeds Council has said today.

At about 6pm on Thursday a group of traveler caravans arrived at the site off Globe Road and Whitehall Road East.

The caravans have been on the site since, and this photo shows what the site looks like today.

According to Leeds Council, the group had been on Bath Road but the 'toleration agreement' at that site had ended.

A spokesman for the authority said: "The group that had been on Bath Road have now moved to Globe Road after the toleration agreement at Bath Road ended.

"The site on Globe Road is privately owned and therefore the landowner will need to recover possession."

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