Travellers pitch up on village playing fields

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Wakefield Council is seeking an eviction notice to move travellers on who have pitched up in a village.

Caravans moved onto the Ferry Lane playing fields in Stanley over the weekend.

Stanley United Juniors took to social media to say that pre-season training planned on the fields for the weekend had to be cancelled as a result.

The club will be temporarily moving to the open space in Rooks Nest Road just opposite Stanley Local until further notice.

Meanwhile, Wakefield Council’s Councillor Matthew Morley has said an eviction notice for the travellers is being sought, but admits it could be delayed.

He said: “As we all know from previous illegal encampment this can take up to a fortnight.

“I will be seeking legal advice from the council to see if there is anything more we can be doing to move them on. I know it’s extremely frustrating and I share everyone’s concerns.”

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