Travellers evicted from illegal site after flood of complaints

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A group of travellers who set up an illegal encampment on the outskirts of Leeds have been evicted.

Ten families in caravans moved onto private land off Barnsdale Road, Allerton Bywater, on April 30.

Their presence prompted a number of complaints to the council and police about noise and anti-social behaviour.

In a joint action by the authorities, the travellers were given a section 61 order to leave by yesterday.

Police said conversations between the travellers and police were cordial and all travellers left the site without incident.

Inspector Stuart Mason, of the Leeds District Outer East team, said: “The use of these powers is generally a last resort when all other attempts to address an illegal encampment have been exhausted.

“The serious issues arising from this illegal encampment and the number of complaints we received created exceptional circumstances which meant that the use of section 61 was the most appropriate course of action on this occasion.

“Local residents had reported a range of noise and anti-social behaviour issues linked to the encampment over the ten days they have been there and we liaised closely with our partners in the local authority to resolve the situation.

“We will continue to work alongside the travelling communities, council and other partner agencies to address any issues that impact negatively on the daily lives of local people.”

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