Travel-mad Dewsbury teen blazes a trail with his works of art

AMBITIOUS: Muhammad, 19, has travelled the world thanks to his talent for calligraphy.
AMBITIOUS: Muhammad, 19, has travelled the world thanks to his talent for calligraphy.
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He’s got thousands of followers on social media and has travelled around the world.

Muhammad Shaikh is certainly making a name for himself in the popular world of handwritten calligraphy.

And the 19-year-old says that delivering sessions in Leeds helped with his career progression.

Muhammad, from Dewsbury, has travelled to all parts of the world thanks to his stunning works of art.

He began working on handwritten pieces three years ago and his popularity has increased tenfold thanks to his busy social media accounts.

Once his followers increased, so too did requests for commissioned work. He admits that delivering sessions to a big audience at the age of 18 was a big achievement.

“I’ve held workshops in Leeds and they were really enjoyable and I got good feedback,” Muhammad said.

“Delivering them as an 18-year-old was quite a big deal but I felt that was a big achievement.”

Muhammad’s work has seen him travel across the world –something he is hugely thankful for.

“Travelling around the world has been great,” he said.

“I’ve been to Dubai, Turkey and India – I love travelling so I have certainly enjoyed doing something I love and in different countries.”

Muhammad regularly visits houses where individuals have requested works – and he admits that word of mouth has also played a huge part in his popularity.

He said: “When I go to houses to do work, family and friends may see it and then I can get recommended elsewhere.

“It can take me around three to four hours usually to do a design.

“It’s a nice feeling when I get people asking for my work to be produced in their homes.”

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