Areas of Leeds which will be hit by HS2 construction.

The Leeds landmarks and roads which will be bulldozed by HS2 as Government confirms it will go ahead

The high speed rail network's eastern leg, linking Birmingham to Leeds, will go ahead and could even be delivered sooner than planned, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 4:45 am

Speaking at an online event run by the Policy Exchange think tank at the end of May, Mr Shapps said HS2 would be built in full and might be delivered earlier than previously planned.

"We are going to complete HS2 and include HS2 on the eastern leg to Leeds " he said.

"The only question that we have is how to better integrate that with plans which have developed a very long way since HS2 was first dreamt up all those decades ago. That particularly pertains to the northern powerhouse rail."

He said that while it was originally thought the benefits of HS2 would come by 2040 or 2050, “we think we could bring that forward quite dramatically by building it in a smarter way”.

Currently, the HS2 route through Leeds cuts through several housing estates and cuts across motorways which will cause years of disruption and delays for demolition and construction.

This is how Leeds will be affected, according to HS2's own documents, if the route goes ahead as originally planned.

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