Nice drivers’ poll has Leeds in eighth place

WELL BEHAVED: Leeds is in the top ten places for nice drivers in the UK.
WELL BEHAVED: Leeds is in the top ten places for nice drivers in the UK.
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LEEDS HAS some of the nicest drivers in the UK.

That’s one of the findings from a survey into which UK cities have the nicest and most unkind drivers.

Leeds came eighth overall in the ‘nicest’ category and first for letting people walk across pedestrian crossings.

The research, conducted by car retailer Peter Vardy, reveals the key traits that you should have to be seen as a “nice driver”.

These include letting people cut in front of you during rush hour, giving right of way to other drivers, being patient with learner drivers and making others aware of any speed cameras ahead.

Hamish Livingston, digital manager of Peter Vardy, said: “We always hear news about who is the worst driver or the city with the most traffic, and so we wanted to find out where the kind drivers are, such as the ones that give thanks to other kind drivers, or the ones that exercise patience when behind a learner driver.

“The research helped us find out exactly what might make someone a nice driver. While we might not always show all of the traits of a nice driver, I think a large majority of us can say that we act in a nice way to our fellow road users most of the time.

“Even with regular stories of road rage on our roads, the research shows that the UK does have some nice drivers. Forget about the rush hour commute or the school run in the afternoon, if everyone takes away one of these traits it will allow for a better driving experience on the roads.”

The ‘nicest drivers’ have been revealed to live in Wrexham. Coventry, Chelmsford, Worcester and Swansea also made the top five. But if you are looking for well mannered drivers then you might want to avoid these next five places. Brighton and Hove was revealed as the “least friendly” to drive in. It was closely followed by Gloucester, Sheffield, Cambridge and Leicester.

Women make for ‘nicer drivers’

The survey also revealed that females are more likely to be “nicer drivers” than men.

Female respondents selected that they regularly do most of the eight traits of being a “nice driver”, more than the men. Male priorities included only making other drivers aware there is a speed camera ahead, and flashing lights to the person in front of them to make them aware their lights are off.

Regionally West Midlands, Wales and Scotland, took the high road with nice drivers. Down at the bottom of the table were the South East and South West. These regions admitting to engaging in the list of nice driving habits the least.