Inquiry aims to discover what paralysed station

Commuter chaos as most of the trains into and leaving Leeds City Station are hit by delays.
Commuter chaos as most of the trains into and leaving Leeds City Station are hit by delays.
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Leeds Station power cut inquiry

As reported in the YEP yesterday, a total loss of signalling around the station on Thursday evening saw the station brought to a standstill. Commuters were blocked from entering the station as crowds quickly gathered outside, pictured, and police were called to help manage the chaos.

Bosses at Network Rail and electricity suppliers CE Electric were today getting their heads together in a bid to get to the bottom of what caused the loss of power just after 4pm, which delayed passengers well into the evening.

The YEP understands a power cut at a city centre sub station may have triggered the problems. But back-up equipment at the station designed to cope with such a situation did not work as expected - meaning power to the station remained cut off.

A spokeswoman for Network rail told the YEP: “The initial cause of the problem appears to be an external power supply failure. We are investigating why our generators did not provide the back up we would expect in such circumstances.

“At 17.28 signalling was restored to the east side of Leeds station meaning that all trains are now able to run. There were be some knock-on delay as services were restored but this was cleared as quickly as possible. We thank passengers for their patience.”

Bosses at the station along with police were quickly able to rule out cable theft as a possible cause of the power cut.

They also advised that customers who thought they may be entitled to a refund should contact individual rail companies on which they had been travelling.

A spokeswoman for CE Electric told the YEP that there had been a fault at the substation on Whitehall Road which saw power lost to some customers. She added: “After checking at the station it was found that our systems there were working normally.”

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