‘Trailblazing’ plans in store for inner city Leeds district

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An application for a ‘trailblazing’ residential development - set to radically change the skyline of an inner city district of Leeds - has been earmarked for council approval.

Plans by the Leeds based developer Citylife, for 224 apartments in a building which is stepped between four and 16 storeys, were due to be considered by the City Plans panel on Thursday but will now be delegated to the chief planning officer for approval.

They are coming back to the board almost a year after a pre-application hearing which led to designs being re-drawn following concerns the apartments didn’t comply with nationally described spacing standards.

Only one representation has been received, which came from Leeds Civic Trust saying “the scheme is trailblazing in a unloved corner of Holbeck”.

The site, which is classed as brownfield, is currently occupied by industrial type shed buildings that have fallen into a state of disrepair.

The report says: “This scheme is a significant opportunity that will contribute positively to the regeneration of Holbeck and provide a striking, landmark building along the Whitehall Road corridor.

“The development is likely to act as a gateway into the city centre along Whitehall Road, but could also catalyze further redevelopment of the area bringing new investment and job opportunities.”

There will be 45 studio apartments, 95 one bedroomed, 69 two bedroomed and 15 three bedroomed managed by a sole company for rent only.

Council policy requires 70,000 new homes between the period from 2012 to 2028 and for 500 per year to be delivered from small unidentified sites. Sixty-five per cent of housing from 2012-2017 is to be from brownfield sites.

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