This is why you might've been stuck on the M62 this morning

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Many commuters were stuck behind an 256-tire abnormal load as it was escorted on the M62 this morning.

West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing unit warned travellers that disruption was likely as the huge truck was transported to Goole.

The slow-moving vehicle left Ferrybridge Power Station and travelled 20 miles to Goole docks.

The load was escorted by police for the 7am trip, causing tailbacks during the morning.

The police warned that the truck could only travel at a maximum of 15mph.

They later confirmed the load had left the motorway safely.

Social media users were trying to guess what the load contained.

One said: "Blimey, what is it?!"

One user compared the truck to a transformer, while another likened it to a centipede.