'Spend the money on what we've got': Leeds reacts to news HS2 may axe route to North

News that HS2's proposed route to Leeds could be axed has divided people in the city.

By Susie Beever
Saturday, 5th October 2019, 1:09 pm
Updated Saturday, 5th October 2019, 2:10 pm
Plans for HS2 to include Leeds and Sheffield may be axed, the Financial Times is reporting
Plans for HS2 to include Leeds and Sheffield may be axed, the Financial Times is reporting

There was an outpouring of reactions on Saturday as some backed the views of politicians that cutting the route would inhibit economic equality for the North, while others said they were pleased.

The Financial Times reported that the route to both Leeds and Sheffield could potentially be cut in a bid to save £10billion.

Leeds City Council Leader Judith Blake said there would be “grave long term consequences" for the economy if the eastern leg of HS2 wasn't "delivered in full".

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Members of the public have had plenty to say on the issue after it was reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post and sister title The Yorkshire Post.

John Cale said on Facebook: "It was never going to reach Leeds. Birmingham was always the end. What about all the people who were robbed of their homes because of this lie?"

Jack Ashton commented: "Another fancy toy for the South and Yorkshire gets naff-all again. They don't care about us. We need a Yorkshire assembly."

"How can people not see the potential of a high speed rail and the business it will bring? Our north rail network is a joke. Half the trains are dated, some are even trains that were meant to be temporary are still running. It needs vast improvement. I'll stick to driving but losing HS2 isn't good for Yorkshire.

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Paul Newbon said: "The whole lot of it is a waste of money. Spend it on upgrading what we've got. Isn't York to London in 1 hour 50 minutes fast enough. The country isn't big enough for high speed rail."

Emma Myers said: "Always knew this would be the case. The project was sold as a benefit to the North, if that was the case it should've been started in the North that way if the cash did run out part way at least some benefit would have been achieved.

"The project was only ever going to benefit London - they don't give two hoots about anywhere else in the country."

Many of those in favour of abandoning HS2 for the North suggested the money would be better spent on improving existing transport and rail infrastructure.

Melvin Tasker said: "Here's an idea - cancel HS2 full stop and just invest in modernising the existing rail network."

Laura Milbourne said: "Good. Total waste of money and resource and destroying half the city to just save a couple of hours. Put more money into improving the roads systems not destroying it."