Leeds revealed as most expensive city in the UK for parking near train station

Cars near Leeds City Train Station.
Cars near Leeds City Train Station.
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Leeds is the most expensive city in the UK for parking your car near a main train station, according to new research from website AppJobs.

It costs Leeds commuters an average £28.70 each day to park in a public car park within a 15 minute walk of Leeds City Station.

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That is more expensive than in Edinburgh or London, where parking near a main station costs an average £24.60 and £24.30 a day respectively.

Southampton was the cheapest city for public parking, charging just £7.60 a day on average to park near the train station - three times less than in Leeds.

There are 13 public car parks within a 15 minute walk of Leeds Station - Leeds Station (short stay, long stay and River Side), Crown Street, Meadow Lane, Hunslet Lane, Trinity Leeds, The Core, Sovereign Square, Albion Street, Aire Street, 7 Whitehall Road and 90-98 Swinegate.

The research found that parking in a private drive, rather than in public car parks, could save the Leeds commuter as much as £20 a day.

There are a number of schemes that allow Leeds residents to rent out their empty driveways, parking spaces or garages.

Iwona Polog, head of growth at AppJobs said: "Big cities are known at times for being difficult to find a parking spot, from finding a space close to your desired location to securing a spot with reasonable prices to leave your vehicle.

"Across a month, commuters face paying hundreds of pounds and thousands per year, and that’s before they’ve even paid for their train fare.

"Renting out a private driveway is immensely valuable for both the renter, rentee and the rest of the city.

"For those renting out their driveway, it is a great way to earn some extra money and help with the expenses that come with living in a major city.

"Renting out private driveways is also beneficial for the city, as it reduces the number of extra space needed to park our cars, allowing this space to be used for other purposes, such as green areas for city residents to relax in."

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The most expensive cities for public parking near a main train station

1. Leeds - £28.70 a day on average

2. Edinburgh - £24.60 a day on average

3. London - £24.30 a day on average

4. Brighton - £20 a day on average

5. Liverpool - £19.20 a day on average