This is how you reacted when we asked the Transport Secretary to come to Leeds

This is how readers reacted after the Yorkshire Evening Post called on the Transport Secretary to visit our city and lay out a plan to get Leeds moving.

By Joe Cooper
Thursday, 19th December 2019, 11:45 am

This newspaper has written an open letter to Conservative minister Grant Shapps, asking him to jump on the train to Leeds to see first-hand how transport gridlock is holding the city back.

Rail users have been let down yet again this week as a new timetable was introduced, and Leeds' roads have suffered weeks of jams as the city's ageing road network creaks under the pressure.

We said to Mr Shapps: "We want you to show us and our readers you are serious about promoting growth in the north of England following the result of the General Election because we don’t want our great city to remain stuck in the slow lane for the next decade and beyond."

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Traffic gridlock on Leeds Inner Ring Road.

Responding on Twitter, John Lamb said: "He needs to invest heavily in public transport and cycle infrastructure. Stop building road space for more cars. Use the money saved to discount bus and train fares."

Rachel Haith wrote: "Let's focus on the connections cross country instead of putting all our eggs in HS2 basket!"

Another person said: "The buses are terrible as well. My commute from Calverley adds another 3-4 hours to my working day. Most of that is a slow crawl through endless traffic jams.

Marc Bailey said: "Leeds is a great city and fantastic place to live. The city is close to many residential areas but the public transportation is terrible so many rely on cars.

"We would massively benefit from a high quality tram. Bordeaux pulled it off spectacularly in similar sized city."

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Dan Whiteley said: "Biggest city in Europe without an integrated transport system, it’s the only thing that let’s Leeds down!"

Stephen Brook said: "Get rid of the self imposed one way system, stop narrowing the roads for pointless cycle lanes that just end. Build a few fly overs. The self imposed one way system is forcing traffic to go through places most of us don't need to stop at.

John Dakin added: "Looking objectively a forum must be set up with no involvement from the council because they are bus and cycle-centric They have no joined up policy no expertise they are totally anti car in fact not fit for purpose."