Flying Ant Day has come to Leeds and people are NOT happy about it

Swarms of flying ants are everywhere in Leeds as temperatures reaching sweltering in the city today (Tuesday).

By Susie Beever
Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 6:31 pm
Flying ant day comes to Leeds
Flying ant day comes to Leeds

Unofficially called 'flying ant day', hoards of the insects were everywhere in the city centre, with dozens of people tweeting about the unpleasant bugs.

Katie Thacker tweeted describing the infestation as "the start of the apocalypse".

On a less dramatic note, Charlotte Newman wrote: "Anyone else slightly puzzled/alarmed by the swarm of flying ants in Leeds? I have been attacked on my way home and quite frankly they are making it difficult for me to enjoy the glorious sunshine!"

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Victoria Camidge added: "Leeds is infested with massive flying ants and I’m very confused".

Flying Ant Day comes once a year each summer when thousands of the 'sexually mature' insects swarm looking for a mate, causing a general annoyance to everyone in their vicinity.

The large swarm is to increase chances of reproduction, according to the Society of Biology.

The Natural History Museum say the insects have one "nuptial flight" each summer, usually in urban areas and coinciding with hot and humid weather.

Temperatures in Leeds on Tuesday peaked at 30°C, with the mercury set to rise even higher on Thursday.