Top 10 first date turn-offs for Leeds lovers

Picture courtesy of PA/PA Wire
Picture courtesy of PA/PA Wire
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If you’re looking for love in Leeds, it would appear that the best way to woo a potential partner is to grab the L plates and brush up on driving skills.

Dirty cars, road rage and texting while driving were all named as first date turn-offs in a survey of the city’s residents.

The research, conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, found almost half of the top 10 offences happen in the car before a date has even begun.

Road rage was revealed to be the worst first-date driving faux pas for almost half of the city’s residents.

A similar number say it’s texting at the wheel that leaves them wanting to put the brakes on the date, while talking on a mobile appeared at number seven in the list.

Top ten first date turn-offs

1. Rudeness (80 per cent)

2. No sense of humour (80 per cent)

3. Bad personal hygiene (78 per cent)

4. Being self-obsessed (66 per cent)

5. Texting whilst driving (50 per cent)

6. Talking on a mobile whilst driving (47 per cent)

7. Road rage (43 per cent)

8. Bad dress sense (41 per cent)

9. Sweaty palms (27 per cent)

10. Dirty car (25 per cent)