Thug threw barrier which hit Leeds nightclub doorman

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A bouncer suffered head injuries after a thug picked up a metal barrier and threw it during a disturbance outside a nightclub.

A judge said it was a “sad feature of life” that cheap drinks offers encourage people to drink to excess after hearing how John Busuttil was heavily drunk on cut-price vodka and Redbull when he carried out the attack.

John Busuttil left doorman Matt Doyle needing hospital treatment during the violence outside the Mission club in Leeds city centre.

Leeds Crown Court heard Busuttil, who has previous convictions for violent offences including robbery, was on bail at the time of the incident on January 26 this year.

Paul Reid, prosecuting, said the incident happened after Busuttil had been ejected from the club. He attempted to push his way through the foyer area to get back in and was pushed back.

Busuttil then picked up the metal barrier, which was part of a roped off area outside the club. He threw it and it stuck Mr Doyle, knocking him to the floor.

Mr Doyle was taken to hospital by ambulance and it was initially thought his jaw was broken.

He was left badly concussed and had to take time off work as a result of the injury.

Busuttil, of Brander Close, Gipton, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was recalled to prison following the incident.

During interview he said he was sorry for what he had done and would not have behaved that way had he not been so drunk.

Richard Reed, mitigating, said: “He doesn’t drink regularly. Apparently a double vodka and Redbull was selling for £2.50 each. It didn’t take much for this man to get intoxicated.”

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, gave Busittl a six-month sentence, to be added to the jail term he is currently serving.

He said: “It is one of the sad features of life these days that some nightclubs seem to offer alcohol at a very low price which, in its own way, encourages people to consume far too much, as you did on that particular night.

“It is an aggravating feature of the case that you were on bail and in drink.

“The incident took place in a public place and you used a weapon.

“The injuries were to a doorman doing nothing else than his hard working job.”

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