Thug’s ‘I am the Holt Park Robber’ boast

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A VIOLENT thug told his victim he was the ‘Holt Park Robber’ as he beat him up in the street.

Samuel McClaren, 26, was yesterday given a four-year jail sentence over the attempted robbery outside an Asda supermarket.

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim was stood at a bus stop outside the supermarket in Holt Park when he was approached by McClaren.

Louise Pryke, prosecuting, said McClaren said to the victim: “I am the Holt Park Robber. Give me a fiver before I knock you out.”

McClaren then tried to grab the victim’s rucksack. The victim offered McClaren some loose change in a bid to encourage him to leave. McClaren punched the man to the side of the head as he was reaching for the change and told him: “You had better give a fiver.” The victim then walked away and McClaren, who was heavily drunk, was pulled away by his girlfriend.

Miss Pryke said the victim suffered swelling and tenderness to his jaw as a result of the blow.

The court heard he is now afraid to leave his home as he lives close to where the incident took place.

McClaren, of Holtdale Avenue, Holt Park, was arrested and admitted responsibilty for the attack. He was out of prison on licence at the time and was recalled to custody. He pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. The court heard McClaren has nine previous convictions for offences including wounding, robbery, burglary and possession of a knife.

Timothy Jacobs, mitigating, said McClaren had no recollection of the incident because he was so drunk.

He said: “It was someone he met by chance at the bus stop and he acted in a drunken and foolish way. He has experience of custody and has no desire to return. He knows that because of his record that is the only outcome in this case.”

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: “You described yourself as the ‘Holt Park Robber’, which indicates to me that you are someone who sees yourself in that role.

“The most significant consequence of this as far as the victim is concerned is that he is now fearful of leaving his house. People like you who behave in this way cause people to fear going about their lawful business. That is why I will pass on you a deterrent sentence.”

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