Three men guilty of assault after political feud

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Three men have been found guilty of assault following a politically-fuelled punch up involving two feuding families.

Brothers Imran and Irfan Aziz, and their brother-in-law Salik Miah, were yesterday given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £775 costs by Leeds Magistrates following their attack on Mahmoud Rauf.

The court was told the assault in April happened after Jahangir Aziz, the elder brother of the Azizs, was ejected from a meeting at Beeston’s Hamara centre.

He was a Lib Dem candidate in the local elections.

The meeting had been organised by Labour activist Mohammed Rauf, Mahmoud Rauf’s father.

In revenge, the court heard, the younger Rauf was punched in the head by Miah outside his home in Cross Flatts Avenue while the brothers pinned him.

The trio had claimed they acted in self defence after Mahmoud Rauf came towards them with a metal rod. They also claimed they tried to drive away but were chased by the elder Mr Rauf.

However magistrates told them: “We do not accept that the defendants acted in self defence.

“None of them took action to remove themselves from the incident or to prevent it.”

The court was told that tensions between the men’s families, who were well known to each other, had been ongoing since the 1980s.

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