Thousands of motorists in Leeds successfully challenge parking tickets

Over 6,700 Leeds people have successfully challenged parking fines in the past year.
Over 6,700 Leeds people have successfully challenged parking fines in the past year.
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Motorists in Leeds leave drivers in other parts of the country trailing in their wake when it comes to successfully challenging parking tickets.

A new survey has revealed that of 28,707 fines that were contested in the city in the past year, 6,722 were successful.

The data, revealed through Freedom of Information requests by Zuto, showed 92,480 parking fines were issued in Leeds from April 2014 to April 2015, with a monetary value of around £2.15million.

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Zuto contacted the top 20 cities in the UK with the highest population figures for the survey, with Leeds coming in 10th place for the number of successfully challenged fines.

James Wilkinson, chief executive at Zuto, said: “While, as drivers, we should accept responsibility when we have broken parking regulations, our research suggests there are a lot of unfair tickets being slapped on windscreens around the UK.

“With one in five parking tickets actually being contested, there are probably a lot more drivers paying unfair fines.”


The news comes after the YEP revealed Leeds City Council had written off over 50,000 parking tickets in the past seven years, which could have been worth up to £3.75m. As previously reported, council chiefs said the fines were ‘unrecoverable’ because either a bailiff was unable to get payment or the vehicle owner could not be traced.

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