Thousands in fines for Leeds residents who used gardens as dumping grounds

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Four south Leeds residents have been hit with legal bills totalling more than £3,500 for using their gardens as dumping grounds.

Leeds City Council took court action after the quartet ignored orders to clean up.

Hayley Kitson, 24, of Manor Farm Drive, Middleton, left furniture and other rubbish piling up in her garden.

She also allowed so much dog faeces to accumulate that it caused a public health issue. Kitson was fined £675 and ordered to pay £400 in legal costs and a £40 victim surcharge.

Julie Thompson, of Brompton Row, Beeston, was fined £200 for throwing rubbish into her garden at a previous address.

She also left bagged rubbish piled up instead of loading it in the wheeled bin. Thompson was also ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and costs of £403.63.

Shaida Misri, 32, of Atha Street, Beeston, was fined £400 and ordered to pay costs of £481.77 and a £40 surcharge for leaving rubbish from building work in her front garden.

Andrea Dutton, of Tempest Road, Beeston. was also given a £400 fine for leaving waste in her yard. She was ordered to pay £548.50 in costs and a £40 victim surcharge.

In a fifth case, Deborah Hooton of Thorpe View, Middleton, was prosecuted for allowing her dog to roam unattended on a public road.

She pleaded guilty to contravening a dog control order – designed to keep dogs and road users safe and to ensure owners pick up after their pets – and was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £629.33 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The council said in each case the defendants were given ample time to deal with the issue.

But they were taken to court after ignoring further legal orders.

Coun Mark Dobson, executive member for communities, said: “These residents have displayed a real disregard for their neighbours and communities by failing to sort out their rubbish or letting their pets wander.

“Waste left to accumulate like this is not just unsightly – it can become a magnet for pests and can encourage flytipping while dogs straying and fouling is simply unacceptable.

“We’ve always said that we are happy to work with people and we have services to help but we can and will take legal action to nip this type of negative behaviour in the bud.”

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