This is when the 30mph speed limit will be FULLY lifted on the M621 in Leeds

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Everyone has been caught in congestion around the 30mph speed limit on the M621 in Leeds at some time or another.

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As the red rear lights of vehicles in front start to illuminate to signify braking, the traffic is halted from the 70mph limit, momentarily to 50mph, before it's final resting place at 30mph.

Road users have complained about the limit for many months, but good news is on the horizon, with a completion date in sight!

Highways England, who are carrying out the central barrier upgrade scheme, have announced that the spped limit will be lifted fully NEXT WEEK, with the scheme set to be completed in mid-July.

A spokesperson said: "The speed limit will be lifted fully next week and the scheme will be complete mid-July."

The good news comes on the back of the news earlier this week that the 30mph speed limit had been increased to 50mph on the anti-clockwise carriageway.

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A Highways England spokesperson added: "Progress on the M621 barrier work means the 30mph speed limit has now been lifted and is back to 50mph heading from Leeds towards the M1.

"Drivers are reminded that the speed limit is still in place anti-clockwise and overnight closures are still in place."