This is what's most important in life, say Leeds residents

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Leeds bank customers have revealed the things in life that are most important to them.

Unsurprisingly, it's the health and happiness of our families that count for the most.

Over 60 per cent of the Marks and Spencer Bank's Leeds savers said that a healthy family was most important to them, while maintaining close relationships with relatives came third in the top 10.

Sandwiched in between them was financial stability, which was most respondents' second priority.

While on a national level, customers said they were most likely to realise what was important in life by the age of 31, Leeds residents said they'd worked it out at just 19.

When asked what they wanted to achieve in 2017, Leeds customers were most likely to aim to lose weight, save more money and buy a house.

More everyday pleasures such as an unexpected kiss, a well-made cup of tea, a successful football team and a good Wi-fi connection also appeared in the top 10.

The most important things in life for people from Leeds:-

1. Healthy family

2. Being financially comfortable

3. Being close to family

4. Having a laugh

5. Peace and quiet; getting enough sleep; having a pet; getting a kiss when you are not expecting one

6. A reliable car

7. A well-made cup of tea

8. A stress-free job and having a creative outlet

9. Feeling secure at work; hugs; kids doing well in school

10. Your football team doing well in the league; a strong Wi-fi connection