Therapy of the future starts here in Leeds

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Supermodels and sporty people swear by it and now the health conscious of Leeds can get involved in a revolutionary treatment which is only the second in the north of 

Future Therapies is bringing the first whole body cryotherapy chamber to Leeds from Wednesday, starting a new era for the city’s health, beauty and rehabilitation industry.

It follows a recent launch in the firm’s Manchester salon and is the latest celebrity fix for calorie burning, skin refreshing treatments and sporting injury rehabilitation.

It exposes the user to extreme cold temperatures of between -120° and -150 degrees, brings skin temperature to five degrees, producing collagen which helps restructure body tissue and leave skin refreshed, clearer and plumped.

The chamber also aids sports recovery by reducing muscle or tissue inflammation, allowing injuries to heal faster, and the arctic treatment also assists weight-loss by speeding up metabolism.

There are proven serious health benefits too in reducing chronic pain and fatigue, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia while focused treatments help eczema, dermatitis and acne.

Future Therapies is the brainchild of entrepreneur Sara Turner, who first brought Cryo-therapies to Leeds in 2015, and working with business partners plans to open 44 more Future Therapies clinics over the next few years, creating close to 1,000 jobs.

Sara has had her own hair salon in Leeds’ Central Arcade for years but started looking into cryo-chamber treatments while the technology was still unknown outside medical circles in the UK.

She said: “Interest in cryotherapy has increased ten-fold in the last 12 months, and so I can’t wait to bring it to my hometown of Leeds.

“Interest in our Manchester clinic exceeded expectations, and we’ve had such a variety of clients through the doors, from premier league footballers to city centre workers looking to pamper themselves or recover from injuries.

“The scope for different treatments at Future Therapies is huge, there really is something for everyone, whether it’s a monthly beauty treat or regular therapy to treat a serious condition.

“Leeds has always been an early adopter of all things new, and we’re proud to be a part of that with this innovative, game-changing technology.”

While in Hollywood fans of the procedure include Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan there are clients closer to home.

Leeds based professional boxer and current international champion Josh Warrington says it saves him weeks in what could otherwise be invaluable lost training time - and cancels out a fair few black eyes.

He said: “I have to carry on training. If I am a headline fight and I don’t fight, the show is off, simple as that.

“The treatments help with recovery from little niggles and if I am still not right after a couple of days I know it is more serious and haven’t wasted time trying to identify it. If I get hit my nose swells and I get a black eye, rather than it get worse, I have this done and carry on sparring. It is better than a bag of peas. I train six days a week and have obligations to promote and having a studio on the doorstep means I don’t have to go to Manchester.”