The write stuff! Leeds indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs are working on a new album

Kaiser Chiefs.
Kaiser Chiefs.

Leeds indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs have begun work on what their fans will hope is a magnificent seventh album.

The band have been hunkered down in recent weeks in a studio in their home city writing material for the follow-up to 2016’s pop-influenced Stay Together.

Kaisers bassist Simon Rix told the Yorkshire Evening Post that they were “making noises” and wanted to “see what happens”.

News that the band’s creative juices are flowing once again was today welcomed by long-standing fan Ian De-Whytell, owner of Leeds’s Crash Records store.

He told the YEP: “I think the choice of producer on the next album is crucial.

“They are still coming up with good songs, but it was generally agreed that the last album was more pop than rock and I think a lot of their character and energy didn’t come across as much as it has on previous studio albums.

“They remain one of the great live bands who have toured constantly over the years to sell-out crowds. They definitely still have a lot to offer.”

The band’s return to the studio has also prompted them to indulge in a little nostalgia, judging by their activities on social media.

A tweet at the end of last month celebrated the 14th anniversary of their first ever show as Kaiser Chiefs, at Josephs Well in Leeds.

They also recently tweeted the setlist from their second night playing Kirkstall Abbey in 2011.