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YOUR Yorkshire Evening Post has been and always will be rooted in the communities it serves.

We belong to you, our readers, and our commitment to getting to the heart of important matters on your behalf is as strong as it ever was.

Our award-winning journalists are determined to bring you the most comprehensive news service of any media organisation in the city. Our stories, guides, campaigns, supplements and promotions mean there isn’t a part of community life – of life in Leeds – that we don’t touch. But inevitably all of this comes with a price. The cost of the Yorkshire Evening Post increases today by 4p from 68p to 72p. We know this won’t be popular – after all, no-one wants to pay more for anything – but we hope that you can support us in this move.

The challenging nature of the newspaper industry means we must raise our cover price to meet overheads and further invest in our journalism. We will, however, freeze the price of subscriptions (see Page 26 for more information).

We know the YEP is still exceedingly good value – and that price is far from the only factor for readers choosing the YEP. It was you who helped shape the hugely successful relaunch earlier this year; your views supporting our vision of a lighter, brighter YEP, packed with compelling news, community life, a renewed emphasis on our great city, plus events, letters, sport, entertainment – and a fresh, modern, family-orientated focus.

We pledge to consistently work to improve your YEP and do as you expect us to do – be the paper in Leeds, of Leeds and for Leeds and to maintain high standards of journalism.

No publisher likes to increase its prices but we believe that at 72p your YEP remains great value for money. I would very much like to know your thoughts. You can contact me at I read every letter.

Thank you, for your continued, greatly-valued readership.

Nicola Furbisher, Managing Editor.