The simple trick to free up LOADS of iPhone space - without deleting anything

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Trying to free up space on your iPhone is one of the most frustrating battles but we may finally have a solution for you.

If you’re not lucky to own a brand new iPhone X with a massive 256GB of memory, then you will no doubt have received a notification telling you that you’ve run out of storage at some point.

You’ve deleted all your precious photos and removed your music, but you still have no space.

However, this little known trick for iPhone users from e2save can help to free up over 500MB of space and it all starts by heading over to the iTunes store.

By renting a film that requires more space than you have on your device, you will be able to free up loads of storage by clearing saved caches in Apple apps.

First, make a note of how much memory you have by opening Settings, then General and then About.

Then, head over to the iTunes store and head to the films section of the app to search for a long film.

You need to try and download a film which exceeds your storage capacity so any Lord of the Rings film should work fine.

Dismiss the notification saying you need more memory and then check how much storage you now have available.

If successful, iOS should have automatically freed up a few MBs memory without deleting the things you love!

There’s no concrete explanation as to how this works – it’s likely that your iPhone has cleared out some unnecessary cache items or similar – but who are we to argue with a good thing?