The science behind choosing car colours in Leeds

White is the colour of choice for motorists in Leeds according to car sales data from local Vauxhall retailer, Evans Halshaw.
White is the colour of choice for motorists in Leeds according to car sales data from local Vauxhall retailer, Evans Halshaw.
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White is the new black for car buyers in Leeds.

An analysis of sales data by Vauxhall retailer Evans Halshaw reveals white is the top choice when it comes to buying a new motor in the city.

The findings are in line with the national picture where white is also the most popular choice. But some motorist are breaking the mould with occasional splashes of yellow and orange.

Vauxhall teamed up with leading psychologist, Professor Craig Jackson, from Birmingham City University, to look at why we are drawn to particular colours when choosing a car.

He said: “The relationship between people and the colours around us can be quite complex, and colour preferences are not the same for all products. For instance, people generally prefer white kitchen appliances, but not white TVs. When it comes to cars, we often see red sports cars but not so many red 4x4s.”

Across Europe, research reinforces the four most popular colours of vehicles to be white, black, grey and silver. But our choice is not always purely rational.

Prof Jackson added: “Some experts believe colour preferences are related to our emotional responses to certain colours, while others think we have learned and associated coloured objects with emotions. This is known as colour valence theory and would suggest a blue car reminds us of clear skies and water, while a white car may subconsciously remind us of weddings.

Phillip Rumney, dealer principal at Evans Halshaw, said there has been a strong return to favouring white cars in recent years. But he added: “We are seeing other contenders creeping in - red remains a classic option for many drivers. Colour is very important to the majority of our customers and is a key way of injecting their own personality into their vehicle. Some like to be distinctive with colour, while others are more attuned to current trends.”

Colours reveal our personal traits

Blue/Green/White: Most likely to be the choice of confident, yet unobtrusive individuals.

Silver/Grey: The sign of a practical, pragmatic and conservative person.

Red/Orange/Black: These are the traditional ‘sporty’ colours and drivers of these car may be competitive, but also have traditional views.

Brown/Gold: Both shades are preferred by women. These are unobtrusive and non-threatening individuals.

Yellow/Purple: Individualistic viewpoints and likely to be peaceful. Pink: Likely to have an optimistic outlook and strong sense of self-identity.