The Knowledge: Dance the day away

It's Friday – and our experts are here to tell you how to get the most out of your weekend. Jayne Dawson talks to them

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NORTHERN Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre are throwing open the doors of their state-of-the-art new home on Quarry Hill in Leeds city centre tomorrow.

Visitors are invited to go behind the scenes of two of Britain's favourite dance companies to watch rehearsals, daily classes and excerpts from dance productions.

They can also take part in taster classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and African dance.

There will be sessions for tiny tots to the over 55s.

For further information, visit or telephone 0113 220 8008.

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The Holmes Affair

Graham Moore

Graham Moore's debut novel centres on two murder mysteries – one from the past and the other from the present.

In Victorian London, writer Arthur Conan Doyle uses the deduction methods of his character Sherlock Holmes to discover who sent him a homemade bomb – leading him to a killer who is targeting young suffragettes.

In the present day, literary researcher Harold White joins a prestigious group dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and its creator. When the group's leading scholar is murdered, Harold sets out in the footsteps of the detective to find the killer.

But will Arthur and Harold succeed as the famous sleuth did?

The plots are cleverly laid-out between alternating chapters which make it a compelling read for those who love puzzles and mysteries.

Century, hardback 12.99

Get fit

Each week, trainer Richard Hill, of Iveridge Health Club in Rothwell, Leeds, recommends one lifestyle change to help you become healthier without much effort.

"Fuelling your body before a workout means you can train harder, have more energy and feel less hungry during a training session.

"The timing of the snack or meal will depend on your preference and training session. Allow more time between eating and performing high-intensity sessions, and remember to include fluids.

"If you've got a morning of hard training planned you may need to split your morning meal into a small portion before you exercise and a larger breakfast afterwards."

For information on Iveridge health club, visit The club is now offering a free 60-minute trial, to book call 0113 288 7666.

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Side projects by record producers have a mixed history. For every creatively enduring one, such as Mark Ronson, there's a Spacedust (creators of the tacky Gym and Tonic).

N.E.R.D. (short for Nobody Ever Really Dies) began life as an offshoot of US production duo The Neptunes. In 2001 Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo recruited drummer and producer Shay Haley to join their band.

The initial blueprint was the kind of digital hip-hop and R&B that Williams and Hugo had previously created for the likes of Kelis, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg.

But, after the muted reaction to their debut album In Search Of..., they changed tack, re-recording the songs with live instruments. The result was hit, led by Rock Star and the saucy Lapdance. The album's successor, Fly Or Die, did even better, reaching No.4 in the UK and spawning the top 5 single She Wants to Move.

The band split up in 2005, following a dispute with Virgin Records, but reformed three years later. This Best Of, however, is drawn from their early years and its gritty combination of rap, funk, rock and R&B has much to recommend it.

Nest building

How to display pictures can often leave us in a bit of a quandary. Do we go for lots or stick with a simple few? Well, really it all hangs on the frames you use. You should either opt for an eclectic mish-mash of surrounds that look like they have been picked up throughout the years or ones that are both simple and the same, though sizes can vary. Trying to match frames bought from differing places at different times can look a bit odd. One way or the other is best.

Eat it


A sunset-coloured soup with fresh tomatoes and red pepper. (Prawns or strips of chicken can be stirred in – but it is delectable as it is.)

Serves 4


3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1onion peeled and roughly chopped

900g/2lbs ripe tomatoes

2 red peppers, seeded and in chunks

850ml/1 1/2pts chicken or vegetable stock

Salt and freshly ground white pepper

A few drops of Tabasco

2 red chillies sliced across for decoration


Heat extra virgin olive oil in a pan and fry onion over gentle heat to soften but not brown. Add tomatoes and pepper and continue cooking gently to soften these as well. Pour over stock and bring to bubbling. Turn down to simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on – or until all vegetables are soft. Place a nylon sieve over a large bowl and carefully spoon vegetables into the sieve. Shake them a little, then leave for the essence to drain through. Do not push the vegetables through the sieve or the soup will become cloudy. Season with salt and freshly ground white pepper. Shake in Tabasco. Bring back to bubbling to reduce by a quarter. Serve in soup bowls decorated with slices of red chilli.

The strained cooked vegetables can be saved in the fridge used as a pasta sauce


Leeds’s gender pay gap far from closed as thousands of women council workers languish on lowest pay rung