The hero pets of Leeds

Puppy pals Lady and Missy could give film hero Lassie a run for her money.

When their owner was unconscious and helpless they shot into action to help her.

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Johanna Kaye was taking the pair for a walk when she slipped on ice and hit her head on a wall – leaving her out cold in the middle of the street.

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The 50-year-old lay unconscious in sub-zero temperatures and the 18-month-old pups bounded down the road apparently looking for help and found some gas men, working in a nearby street.

They barked for their attention and the men followed the pups up the road to where their owner was lying.

Mrs Kaye, from Alwoodley, Leeds, said: "I could have been lying there for hours, our road is very quiet and it was after everyone had gone to work so without the gas men and my little dogs the story might have ended very differently, it was very cold that day. I am alright now but it was a lucky escape.

"I dread to think what might have happened had they not saved me."

Northern Gas Networks had been replacing old gas mains near to where Mrs Kaye had fallen and the Morgan Sindall engineers were very surprised to see the two Lhasa apso pups barking for their attention.

David Cowan, who is from Durham, said: "They kept barking and seemed to want us to follow them. I joked that it was just like something out of Lassie, but it really was. We followed them and were shocked when we spotted Johanna lying unconscious in the snow. I lifted her up and carried her to her house. We knew where she lived because we'd helped her husband dig his car out of the snow the week before."

Lhasa apsos were bred as watchdogs for Buddhist monasteries and were trained to alert the monks to trouble.

Mrs Kaye added: "I came round lying on my sofa with my dogs, my husband and a gas man looking at me – I didn't know what had happened. They've been to the salon to get their hair done and Lady has been getting her tea in a china cup ."

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