The dangerous moment a Sheffield driver skips traffic by driving on the tram tracks

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A driver decided to skip a lengthy traffic queue in Sheffield by driving their car on the tram tracks.

Fellow motorists watched on in shock as the driver pulled out of the traffic and drove onto the tram tracks by Netherthorpe Road.

Car on the tram tracks - Twitter: @swfcsc

Car on the tram tracks - Twitter: @swfcsc

The incident happened at around 4.30pm on Tuesday, September 12, as fans began heading to Hillsborough to watch Sheffield Wednesday take on Brentord.

SWFC Supporters Club tweeted a video of the dangerous manoeuvre before the match which Wednesday went on to win 2-1.

They tweeted: "Traffic quite busy tonight, but we recommend you don't do this to beat the queues."

The video prompted a number of shocked replies from Twitter users with many raising concerns about the lack of safety from the driver.

Stagecoach Supertram declined to comment when approached by The Star.