The Cockpit closure: Bands and fans pay tribute to Leeds venue

The Pigeon Detectives at The Cockpit.
The Pigeon Detectives at The Cockpit.
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THOUSANDS of music fans flocked to Twitter to have their say on The Cockpit closure.

Matt Bowman, from Leeds band The Pigeon Detectives, said: “RIP @CockpitLeeds, the venue of my youth! I’ve never been kicked out of a club so regularly, been sick on a floor so often and danced so hard!”

Leeds’ First Direct Arena said: “Huge thanks to everyone involved with @CockpitLeeds for creating 20 years of amazing music and wonderful memories.” Crash Records on The Headrow simply tweeted: “The end of an era.”

Welsh rockers The Blackout said: “RIP Leeds Cockpit. Easily one of the most fun venues in the UK and probably holds a stagedive record for our band.”

Rock band Blitz Kids said: “Leeds Cockpit will always live on in our hearts. Played about 15 shows there. Every one of them memorable. RIP and long live The Key Club.”

Indie artists Wild Beasts said: “Sleep well @CockpitLeeds and thanks for the memories.”

And Los Campesinos! said: “Sad to hear of the closure of the Cockpit, Leeds. We’ve had a couple of our be st ever gigs there.”

Kerrang! magazine said on its website: “With some of us at Kerrang! having attended our first gigs at The Cockpit, we’re gutted to hear about the loss of the venue.”

Meanwhile, on the YEP Facebook page, readers had their say.

Danielle Holmes-Thompson said: “That really is sad news. Such a loss to the music lovers out there.”

Paul Ingham said: “Gutted! I’ve seen some legend bands here and enjoyed every minute of my time there. What a loss to Leeds gig scene.”

Colin Wardle: Shame that good venue! Seen some good bands in there!

Danny Parkes: Had some good nights and seen some good bands in there real shame.

Danielle Holmes-Thompson: That really is sad news.Such a loss to the music lovers out there.

Steve Speight: Some happy times in there. Never an amazing venue but great memories nonetheless.

J Cowan: Another mainstay of cities cultural heritage & identity gone but who cares? Still got apple shop, Harvey Nicks & 4 Nandos

John Broster: Sad news. #memories

Stephen Jackson: A real shame #topgigvenue

Michael Bracken: Nooo.

Mpower-fitness: A real shame. Are there any rumblings of a crowd-sourced fundraiser to save it?

Thomas Noble: This is rubbish news.

Rachel Auty: Really sad.

Chris Rödniç: Northern Soul on a Saturday was all I lived for!

John Blellock: Sad. I had many a good time at the pit shame.

Tracey Phillips: Sadness as The Cockpit closes in Leeds. End of an era?

Julian Vollans: Lots of great memories!

Edd Kimber: Spent quite a few nights there!

Richard Ellison: Used to be a decent night out. Now full of Emos wearing eye liner and black nail varnish.

Matthew Watson: No real surprise there after the summer “closure”

Donna McDonaldL: I’m so gutted about this had some amazing times there, seen some amazing bands

Zoe Alana Plant: That’s a shame.

Tre Fasizzlemynizzle Bleinheim: Surely something can be done to save this historic an amazing venue

Louise Bentley: What a shame

Mark Brian Holliday: Soon to be some pretentious hipster bar, no doubt.

Andrew Lawson: Good news, awful place.

Matt Dove: Thought it was having a refurb, obviously not

Victoria Ann Common: My sons band plays there regulary.

Liz Pattinson: I thought it was just for work doing!

Christian Hobson: Great times on the 90s

Benjamin Wilson: Sad. My 1st junior management position here. A long time ago.

Sarah Freer: I’m proper gutted. It wont be the same

Sean Richardson It was never the best. I’d walk 10 miles in high heels to get the Duchess Of York back.

Bethany Lawrence: What a shame.

Adrian Fishpool: Had a few good nights in there !

Elise Landau: Another pub/club gone, leeds nightlife has died. You just have to look at Greek Street.

Mark Bradley: Gutted

James Dodd: Another take away shop we don’t need I bet. How sad

James Thompson: Seen some great gigs in there Shame it’s closing. Reminds me of when the Dutchess shut

Kevin Hird: I loved that venue

Paul Ingham: Gutted! I’ve seen some legend bands here and enjoyed every minute of my time there. What a loss to Leeds gig scene.

Andy Caines: Sign of the times , wage rises needed so people can afford to go out , pubs are shutting all over , its very sad.

Katie Whelan: Gutted!

Ciaran Orr: Today is a sad day.

Emma Shortland: Sad, sad times.

Greg Tasker: Only went there a couple of times but was really good !

Kirsty Edwards: Shame for gigs but was a bit of a dive any other time I went!

Zoe Berry: Oh no,many a great night had in there!

Samantha Clark: Nooo, what a shame!

Stephen Brockley: I went there when it first opened. Got that hammered I found myself facing a corner drooling into an empty pint glass. It was like a maze in there, I felt like a vomiting lost rat.

Debbie Woodhead: Boo! Our lost youth

Julia Partridge: Sad had some great nights at Brighton Beach

Debbie Woodhead: Are we too old to find a new kerb to sit on smoking?

Hollie Raper: No, if I’m going to sit and have a cig on a kerb at 3am only this one will do!!! Can you imagine if this had happened in our prime, I reckon I’d have cried!

Clive Fane: Oh no! Another proper music venue gone.

Heather Dean: Gutted. All those happy times lol x

Nikki Rhodes: Nooo! Gutted.

Markosi Gonzarelli Gascoigne: Had magic nights here. gutted.

Jessica Halmshaw: Shaun Slaughter 36 Crazyfists (Crayfish!) and other bands I’ve been too leathered to remember.

Melanie Baker: Very sad

Catherine Gott: All good things come to an end.

Jen Rossington: Oh no, what a shame

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